The possibilities are endless!

I've been making teddy bears for more than 30 years give or take a year or two.  It wasn't until recently that I was convinced by my children to sell my bears.  Since I started selling bears several things have happened to expand the choices and my skills.  A woman I know came to me and said I have my grandfathers shirt. He's gone now can you make me a bear out of it?  This was the birth of the memory bear.  Up until then I pretty much did collector bears. No one of my bears were exactly alike another even if I used the same print.  All are unique.  From the memory bear sprang requests for  bears commemorating Anniversaries, Graduations, Births, Worlds greatest boss the possibilities were endless.  As I embraced this new page in my life tragedy struck.  I lost my daughter and became the care giver to her 5 yr old daughter. I mention this because this event changed my bears even more.  I wanted to make a bear for her children to remember mommy, not that I will ever let them forget.  I ran into a problem. How do you make a memory bear for someone who has nothing to make it out of?  Well you design the fabric yourself.  I took a picture of my daughter and hit the computer.  Now I can offer a custom designed memory bear with a picture of the persons loved one as part of the fabric design.  This of course was not the end of the growth of this little shop of mine but only the beginning of the endless possibilities that lay ahead.  Come explore with us the endless possibilities!  Do you want something unique for someone you love?  If you don't see it here you send me an email and together we will figure out how to make your vision a reality.Thank you for your visit.  Y'all come back now! Read More

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